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A successful website does not have to be complex. Our basic website offers an abundance of possibilities. You provide the content, and we populate your website in a professional and optimised manner.


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Want an exclusive web shop without the cost in the thousands of dollars? Choose the Basic website package. It is a website that is easy for you to manage, and you always have the option to add additional features. We will quickly design, configure and personalize your website according to your corporate identity. After two weeks at the latest, a trial version of the website is online. We discuss any comments or remarks together. The final version is ready within three weeks. Does it have to be faster? Let us know in time, and we will make sure the website is made as soon as possible.

Responsive design

In today's world, where almost everyone uses smartphones and tablets on a daily basis, a mobile-friendly website is invaluable. At Website Masters, we understand this like no other. Our websites are carefully designed and developed for seamless operation on any device, regardless of screen size. Creating a mobile-friendly website not only increases accessibility for your audience, but also contributes to better ranking in search engine results. In short, at Website Masters, we are committed to delivering websites that are visually appealing and work effectively on any device.

Professional website

A professional-looking website is essential, as it plays a crucial role in forming the first impression on your visitors. At Website Masters, we are committed to creating websites with a professional look and feel. Our experienced team of designers and developers ensure that every aspect, from graphic design to navigation, looks professional. We believe that such a website not only makes a good first impression, but also builds visitors' confidence and encourages them to take action. Choose Website Masters for a website that impresses and inspires confidence.

What you can expect with the Basic website package

Strive for an impressive online presence with our comprehensive Basic Web Design package. In short, our Basic Web Design package is a complete solution to strengthen your online presence without the high costs. Let us help you achieve your online goals.

Our successful process

We use WordPress as our content management system, which gives you the flexibility to make your own changes or expand the website. Almost anything is possible. If you like, you can choose from different design templates. Maybe you already have ideas for the design of your website? We have the expertise to realize any design you want. If you have specific preferences, let us know and we will make a proposal. 

Once we have agreed on the design and content, we get to work. You provide the content (texts, photos), and we take care of the further processing. If you don't have your own photos, that's no problem.

The fundamentals are crucial

Before your personal web developer from Website Masters gets to work, it is essential to understand what appeals to you. In a video consultation, he will review the material you have provided and discuss the various options for incorporating it into your website.

During this discussion, you will gain insight into the various elements and modules available for our Basic Web Design package. This gives you early insight into the possibilities before the actual development begins.

Our approach includes using up to two different layouts for the entire website. This means that the home page may have a different design than the other pages. If you want to give each page a unique style, consider one of our other website packages.

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