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Website Masters is a proud arm of Marketing King, which has its roots in 2016. Over the years, we have developed an ongoing passion for creation and innovation in the ever-evolving digital industry. Our team of experts forms a close-knit community, which is what makes us particularly distinctive. Our central goal with Website Masters is to make high-quality and affordable websites accessible to everyone.

We originally began our journey in 2016 as J.B Graphic Design in Belgium, focusing primarily on graphic design for both B2B and B2C clients.

In 2019 we relocated to Bulgaria, joining the growing trend of multinational companies establishing European headquarters and offices in Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria. This allowed us to offer our clients a more cost-efficient hourly rate, while maintaining and even improving the quality of our work. In addition, it brought the flexibility to work on projects 7 days a week, resulting in unparalleled speed and adaptability. These low operating costs in Bulgaria allow us to offer attractive package prices to our clients, ensuring excellent value for money. We are proud to be part of this evolution and look forward to the continued journey with Website Masters.

Our employees

Jonathan Bouckaert

Managing director & Web designer

Carlo Vandekerkhof

Marketing and Sales Consulting

Martin Tonev

Web Designer & Developer

Sam Male

Web designer & graphic designer

Our satisfied customers

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